Student Gains: My Take on IACT College

It’s my final leg of my Diploma course in IACT. In light of certain events my college may have been put in the hot seat on certain issues. Sure, the college still has a lot to learn in many aspects and there’s still so much space to grow and improve. However, nooks and crannies aside, I just want to say this – If I were to turn back time and choose where to pursue my tertiary education, I wouldn’t change a thing.
Lim Ee Yeng IACT College 1 I’m sure any IACT Student would agree with me when I say, this college is not just a place we go to learn. It’s a community here. It’s family. And in a family, everyone has each other’s backs.

Never once have I felt undermined or disrespected in this learning institution. Here, you can come into class and greet your lecturer like your friend. You can message him or her on Facebook using cute stickers and not be deemed as “unprofessional”. During education fairs, the people in the marketing department can discuss memes with you and it’s totally cool. If you have any problems or complaints, the student services department will ensure that those problems are dealt with properly because here, we are treated with the utmost respect.

Not just that, IACT College is also a place where good ideas become great. We stand up for social causes to make the world we live in, just that much better. We train and work on REAL projects with REAL agencies and REAL social movements. Within my time here, I’ve already planned a campaign for the United Nations, designed a calendar for the Women of Will and crafted a communications plan for Mercy Malaysia. With collaborations with so many social movements such as the Women’s Aid Organisation, this college is a place where students are moulded into better human beings, human beings who take a step back to give rather than to take.
Lim Ee Yeng 4
Undoubtedly, this college is small. Perhaps to people outside of the industry, they may look down upon the capabilities of this institution but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that we are recognised within the creative industry. This is because IACT graduates are known to not only be adaptive, but to also be versatile and multi-faceted. Keep this is mind, IACT College is a SPECIALIST college in creative communication. Here, students are to be like the coffee we drink, all-in-one. They are to be their own creative strategists, art directors, and graphic designers. You literally have to juggle EVERYTHING. At the end of it all, despite all the work, stress and fun times, it’s made us downright awesome at what we do.
Truly, creativity begins here. Because people are not born creative, they are moulded.
PS: IACT did not pay me a cent to do this write up. (But it would be great if they did! *hint hint*)
Editor’s note: Hint taken 🙂 No cash-lah but the editor can buy you and your 2 buddies featured in the feature image a nice nice meal to celebrate the completion of your Diploma with us! Proud to have you with us here in IACT College, Yeng!