Summary of Semester 3

As the fourth semester begin, I am reminded that it always starts off a little tough with a lot of things to take in especially with the heavier contents of the subjects.
The semester started off the same, with a lot of writing subjects and also photography. To be honest, photography was the toughest one of all, but it was also a good experience. I got to learn how to use a DLSR camera manually! I soon begin to love the subject as I got to spend a lot of time with my classmates. Many times we used the public transportation to get to KL and took pictures together and we helped each other along the way. I think it has brought us closer together. We also got to eat some nice food on some of the outings! Like good briyani in Brickfields’ Little India and the famous wantan mee in Petaling Street.
Sociology was by far the most interesting and intriguing subject I ever learnt in my college life. I felt like my mind is being challenged in every lesson (in a good way). I learnt so many things about the world and human behaviour. It is also through this subject that I learnt to love making presentation slides. It has also boosted my confidence in presenting alone in front of class as we were each required to present two topics. I think my presentation skills have improved a whole lot compared to semester one. The lecturer, Ms. Intan was very down to earth and the class could just flow in conversation without judgement or awkwardness. We had a lot of laughter and sometimes we laughed until our stomachs hurt! It was the best class for me last semester.
The Journalism subject was also fun as we got to go for the Poskod Journalism event at Publika where I got a lot of insights on the state of journalism in our country today. Ms. Natasha was very friendly and some say that she is one of the nicest lecturers in our college. She was always ready to listen to your questions and answer them after class no matter how stupid our questions may seem to be.
Last but not least, Media Criticism was the subject I was most worried about because of the different views I had on certain topics. I felt a little left out when I had opposing views on the topics that were talked about in class but nonetheless, I kept an open mind and I got to learn many many things. It has also made me realise the importance of really observing instead of just glancing and how important it is to be an active audience. My favourite part of this subject was that I got to critically analyse an album by one of my favourite artist Allen Stone. Because I loved the album so much, it was easy for me to complete the assignment and I was glad I could share his music to my fellow classmates.
So the semester has ended and here comes a new one. I really thank God for my awesome results because I could not have done it on my own. Now, I shall walk into this new semester in the hope that I can say the same at the end of it!
Summary of Semester 3Summary of Semester 3Summary of Semester 3Summary of Semester 3Summary of Semester 3Summary of Semester 3