Taking the Lead with Beauty

Since merging with BAC Education Group, IACT College has gained strength in establishing itself as the leading creative communication college in the country. Being part of the BAC eco-system allows more room for industry collaboration to be possible and its recent partner is with Mary Kay Malaysia.
Mary Kay was invited today to conduct two workshops for grooming. The diploma students undergoing mass communication studies were given a treat to understanding proper skincare, makeup application as well as dressing tips for attending interviews and work placement. This was part of embarking on a new mission to polish its students to not only be job-ready and confident, but also groomed for success, promotion and better opportunities in the creative industry where image is key.
“The purpose of the workshop is to expose students to the correct mindset, skills and appearance when they leave college,” says Natasha MH, lecturer in Public Relations Campaign Strategies and responsible in initiating this makeover. “It’s not enough for students to know how the industry operates, but also present themselves as professionals and not as students the moment the graduate. With a poor sense of fashion, students namely those dealing with client servicing in advertising and public relations, will find themselves side-stepped for career advancement.” Another class that gets to sample this makeover is the Publicity and Media Relations class which got the students very excited as they have never considered a beauty makeover session as a lesson.
The move to collaborate with Mary Kay on this new endeavour was inspired by 2 alumni members who upon graduation, joined Mary Kay Malaysia and then connected with their previous lecturer to discuss ideas on making learning about corporate identity and image building more exciting. Both students, Samantha Fam and Diane Wong Yee Yan, studied Diploma in Mass Communication and graduated in May 2017. Both are now Mary Kay beauty consultants. Samantha highlights, “We wanted to share with the juniors our employment possibilities, as well as to advise them on how versatile is the Diploma in Mass Communication.”
The sessions include teaching students the basic steps to skincare, correct application of makeup, through to how to dress appropriately. “For today’s younger generation, there seems to be a fine line between looking tacky and looking sexy. We hope that with Mary Kay coming on board as an industry advisory for the area of grooming and self-image, we can not only conduct makeover sessions, but also internship talks on office etiquette and confidence building.” Added Natasha.

Students doing the basic skincare session which includes masking and proper cleaning method.

Group photo of all the PR Campaign Strategies students with the consultants from Mary Kay.

Some of the students admitted they were incorrectly applying makeup and that this workshop is highly meaningful for them as they prepare to enter the working world in just under 2 months!