A Taste of Production Life

The past 3 months I got the chance to experience a little bit of the production life through the Video Production and Motion Graphics subjects. Having both of them in the same semester was quite stressful but thankfully I pulled through. I must say though there were many ups and downs, this semester has been the most memorable so far.
When it came to the final assignment for both these subjects, we were required to make a 5 to 6 minutes music video. My groupmates and I decided to do something a little different after watching past student’s work. We made a music video for a Malay song using a localised story line. We all know Malaysians love it when we localise things because it helps us relate to the work.
Our storyline revolved around a rising local issue in the country, interracial relationships. What we intended to do through our music video was touch upon the current taboo mindset that follows interracial relationships, which is very common among many cultures in the country. While discussing the issue during one of our brainstorming session, I recalled a movie I watched more than 10 years ago. It was a Malaysian film produced by the late Yasmin Ahmad. I was about 7-years-old when I first watched the movie, and yet I can still recall it so vividly.
After getting the movie as reference, we had to write the script, draw out the storyboard, and look for locations to shoot our video, and to cast our actors. It took us about two weeks to complete this process. Sadly, however, we were forced to do accept a number of last minute castings as, at the time, most of our choice cast was busy with their semester commitments. Thankfully, the cast was really great at acting and fit the characters so well!
Filming the video was next and it was the most tiring (but fun) experience we have had all semester. We filmed under the searing sun, drenching rain, at a dark, abandoned railway track, and all across Kuala Lumpur. Although we had to schedule an extra day to reshoot a few scenes, we were glad it all turned out well.
The post-production period was (surprisingly) the busiest time in the production cycle.  We not only had to edit two videos for the two subjects but we also had to do the documentation each. Thankfully every member of the team contributed with everyone lending support to one another.
On the day of the presentation, we were both nervous and excited to show our final product. We had lecturers and students from other courses sit in to watch our videos. I must say all of us did a great a job! Each group had very unique ideas and great videos to show. Nothing beats the feeling of hard work paying off. We were all proud of our videos!
After the presentation, we posted our video online and in just four days, we hit 3000 views and over 30 shares on Facebook! Truthfully, we were and still are surprised by the numbers, but we are happy that people enjoyed our videos and took the time to share them for their friends to see. It was a proud moment for all of us.
Stepping into the semester, I thought I wouldn’t be too interested in the broadcasting subjects. Having experienced it, I can say that I have no regrets as I have had a great time and experience.
Here’s a behind the scenes video of our final assignment!