Winning Tealive UNIversiTEA Competition

Chuah Yong Shen IACT College Malaysia Tealive UNIversiTEAWhat’s it like to have 1 year supply of Tealive drinks and secure a project appointment with them? Chuah Yong Shen, a broadcasting student from IACT College who won the 1st Prize in Tealive X Monsta UNIversiTEA Competition says, “Surprised and unbelievable!”
Surprise indeed because Bryan Loo, the CEO of Loob Holdings who owns Tealive and Ilao-Ilao joined the crews from Monsta to give Chuah a surprise visit in his classroom to break the news of him winning the competition!

Chuah Yong Shen IACT College Malaysia Tealive UNIversiTEA Bryan Loo
CEO of Loob Holdings, Bryan Loo with Chuah Yong Shen at the surprise visit

This inter-university competition came in 3 categories: Music Video, Videography and Arts/Merchandise. Chuah chanced up the competition as he was working on a project with the organizer. “I decided to join the Music Video category and asked my friends to help me. I wrote the song and got my friend to help me sing it.” Chuah said.
“I would like to thank IACT College and my lecturers for helping me with the recording of the song.” Chuah then produced the music video, submitted for entry and the rest is history.
When asked how he came up with the song, he said it was originally a song that is 3-minute-long. “However, I thought it would work much better if it is a jingle, so I rewrote it and make it catchy.”
Broadcasting lecturer, Mr. Azizul Rahman said, “We’ve been practicing Project-Based Learning for many years in IACT College. This method that combines both theoretical learning and practical industry projects proves that we can produce IACT students that are ‘Job Ready’!”
“To my other fellow students, take this moment as your motivation to strive for the best. There are lots of opportunities ahead of you so grab them! We will do everything to bring you to the highest achievement during your time at IACT College!”
Here’s the award-winning Music Video:

Here’s the surprise visit:
Here’s the video Chuah and his team produced for Tealive as part of the award: