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Yap Wei Zin

My experience of doing Diploma in Mass comm in IACT is amazing and eye refreshing. I had fun with the course and we were able to go through the different project based on different sector/ field. Even though the class is in limited number, we were able to have fun and learn what is needed!

Christine Nai

Through the project based learning offered to me through the Diploma in Broadcasting & Film it has allowed me to grasp a better understanding within the overall scope of the production industry. With great lecturers to assist me during my time of study, they have supported and opened doors for me which is a great opportunity that no student should miss.

Lim Ju En

FMS has been an amazing journey. I’ve met many friends and also many amazing and friendly lecturers. FMS also help prepped me for the future.

Elsa Yeow

I learned so much from fms. I like the creative learning style and how each lecturer conducts class differently, it helps to enhance my learning experience. fms has also taught me to handle conflict and work effectively with my group mates.

Lok Wai Yi

CCS has given me an opportunity to have a better understanding of media studies and culture. I got a chance to encounter with some amazing lecturers and to meet new people during my time of learning.


IACT has equipped me both mentally and physically for the industry. I am thankful for the highs and lows of the 3 years, which could be one the reasons why I'm balding. I'm especially thankful to the lecturers who replied me on wee hours.


“BAD has been a liberating experience with modules that allow me to explore and challenge my capabilities. The project based learning makes your transition into the industry almost seamless because you spend 3 years practically working”

Laynisha Vijayaraj

IACT has an equal balance of in-class theory and hands-on practical that prepares us for the industry. But most importantly, it’s not just a place of education. It’s where lecturers are your friends and friends are your family.

Sara Kok Truong Linh

My degree education in IACT allowed me to make connections and dig deeper into what "media" could be. As a degree student, we were required to research and examine what ethical and effective media should look like, and apply that later on in our careers.

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