"The Conf3ssion"

Astro #Alist5 the conf3ssion the confession banana leaf production

A group of freshmen wins Director’s Choice Award from ASTRO’s 5th A-List Shorts Contest with “The Conf3ssion”, a 3-minute rom com set in local secondary school.

“The Conf3ssion” was created by Banana Leaf Productions, a crew of six consisting of our very own students from IACT College. Juliana Reza, Sarhvin Rakupathi, Mohd Dato Aliff, Darryl Koh, Kelvin Koh and Joshua Daniel. The six musketeers are currently in their second semester of Diploma in Broadcasting and Film.

The banana leaf production Juliana Reza, Sarhvin Rakupathi, Mohd Dato Aliff, Darryl Koh, Kelvin Koh and Joshua Daniel
The banana leaf production: (L-R) Juliana Reza, Mohd Dato Aliff, Joshua Daniel, Sarhvin Rakupathi, Darryl Koh and Kelvin Koh

These brave, bold, and young college students really took things to a whole new level in IACT College. With the requirement for the short film to be a romantic comedy and to be less than three minutes, they really outdid themselves.

“We didn’t really focus on how it was part of a competition. From how I felt about it, I focused more on making a short flm that I was proud of more than entering it because of the prize. I really had faith in this group and thought that we could make something we are proud of,” said Juliana
Reza, director of “The Conf3ssion”.

To these young filmmakers, winning was never the goal. It was doing what they love with all their
heart, passion and soul. Without a doubt, great things are to be made by these young musketeers in time. Winning the title as Director’s Choice Category Winners, the group was awarded with prestigious tickets to the 2018 Singapore Film Festival and an actual director’s chair.

“We were all really happy with the final result and felt that this would push us one step further at being a bit more motivated at our work and hopefully push ourselves to become better. When we realised we won, I was shaking, I was shouting in the car. It was such a great moment. Dato (Aliff), Sarhvin, and Darryl were in class and when they told the whole class, everyone started cheering and that was really really nice,” said Juliana.

the conf3ssion the confession astro alist5 #alist5
Snapshots from the award-winning short film – “The Conf3ssion”

Cast and crew of The Conf3ssion the banana leaf production
Cast and crew of The Conf3ssion

Good news was floating in since the day they were shortlisted in the competition but when they got the award, things took a hard turn. They were told that there were only two tickets given for the 2018 Singapore Film Festival. Two tickets with six members. What do the six musketeers do? They stuck by their motto, with honour and love for their members.

‘One for all, all for one!’
“We were only given two tickets so the plan was that none of us were going to go. All of us felt that it was wrong,” said Juliana. All was settled and the group was happy but things did not go the
way they were expecting. “ASTRO told us that if we don’t claim the tickets and we don’t go,
we basically forfeit the whole prize and they will choose another winner,” Juliana stated.

With one reply of an email, the six musketeers had to rethink their decision hard in one night. With a hard decision on whose passports were still valid, who were the ones who could afford to skip a few production days on their final assignment, and with the whole crew’s agreement, Kelvin and Sarhvin got to represent the team to go to Singapore.
banana leaf production the conf3ssion a-list director's choice award astro
“Hopefully, Kelvin and Sarhvin learn something out of the festival and they’ll bring it back to share with us and we can all learn something together,” says Juliana. On this roller coaster ride for these six young musketeers, they had their ups and downs but they came out stronger together. They learnt to overcome all sorts of problems before, during and after production.
From having only two days to shoot, to winning the award, to having to make a heart wrenching
decision, they did it. Not alone but together. 
They will still go on and be the team who breaks boundaries. Another two years of Diploma, we will see where their story leads.
And this is just the end of a beginning.
(This article is written by Bethany Chuah, a student from our Diploma in Mass Communication programme)
Watch “The Conf3ssion” here: