The Maggie Project

We had been given the opportunity to work with clients although we were only in the first semester. The Maggie Project happens to be my favourite as I enjoy cooking. In this project, Maggie wanted to create a meal with a theme Happiness is Homemade.
My group started brainstorming right after we got the brief. Our first idea was a concept friends reunion.
However after further discussion and a few consultation sessions with our lecturer Ms. Penny, we found that
The Perfect Hug was a better idea.
We became closer as friends as we were required to cook together in order to invent our new recipe. The process was fun although it was tiring as we needed to constantly cook and try out the new recipe. Moreover, in order to decorate our booth for the final presentation we needed to do a lot of preparation such as to create a poster and video and to shop for the items needed.
Overall it was a good experience. I really hope that my lecturer will give my group a chance to present to our client.