Director Chiu visits!

Director Chiu Think Big BigDo you enjoy watching films that tug at your heartstrings with powerful story-telling and beautiful settings? Have you ever wondered about the art and science that go into making a great film?
IACT College, the nation’s premier creative communication college, recently invited film director Chiu Keng Guan, who produced Malaysian blockbusters The Journey and Ola Bola, along with the casts of his latest movie Think (Big)2 to share his experience in filmmaking with IACT students.
Organized by the Graduate to Industry Program (GRIP), a student enrichment program under IACT College, the talk attracted a full house of eager mass communication and broadcasting students.
Having graduated from Beijing Film Academy and being a “junior” to big directors such as Zhang Yimou and Chen KaiGe, Chiu is known for transforming seemingly dull and mundane elements into beautiful and captivating storytelling tools.
He is also known for capturing the essence of Malaysian culture in his films.
“Having a tight budget has always been a struggle in the Malaysian film industry. However, we all have that “Malaysia Boleh” spirit.
We have learned to be very creative and resourceful to produce top-notch films on a tight budget.” Chiu explained.
He also showed exclusive video footage from the sets of his previous films.
The IACT students were in awe of the amount of effort and creativity involved in producing a great film!
“If filmmaking is your passion, then think big, pursue it and do it well!” Chiu and the casts encouraged the participants.
The talk ended with a question and answer session, as well as a photo-taking session with Chiu and the casts.
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The casts from Chiu’s latest film Think (Big)2 
IACT Students being inspired by big stars from the industry
Light moments during the Q&A session

See you again, Director Chiu!
Video snippet of Director Chiu’s sharing