Travel Back in Time

Had my first try shooting in studio for photography final assignment. (ft. Adelle)
Trust me, I was exziiiiitedd that I can’t spell excited.
Here’s a before & after Mr Johar and Google’s guidance on transforming photos into vintage feels. Editing part is even more fun and satisfying. Ur, +noise, vignette, RGB curve, vibrant… My eyes just simply adore the colour of rusty brown…

Trust me again, she’s a poser. *wink 😉

Some shots featuring Adelle’s models.

It is a wrap! Now I have my photobook printed. I have always loooove photography but my setting is always in “auto” mode. After photography classes, I feel a lil of level up aha!
Oh, this popped into my mind – experience the unexperienced. Cya-!