Get Hired with a UK Degree

Within the last decade, the education trend has shown a steady increase of students pursuing a career in the field of mass communication. This marks a significant change of focus in the realm of education from being previously dominated by either science or arts.  This paradigm shift could be the result of what we know now as the internet domination.
Borderless communications, global cultures, media convergence and world market are some of the most widely discussed topics of today. Hence for a potential individual to join creative professions, they must be kept abreast of the most current and ever changing trends of the industries.
We are sitting at the cutting edge of creative technologies whereby an individual savvy in video making and editing, public relations and communications skills, broadcast and digital media knowledge with just the right amount of global exposure can have the power to influence and impact the masses.  Thus learning and teaching has to go beyond the classroom.
Theoretical knowledge is a must. But a practical approach that inspires and places the individual at a 360degrees vantage point of the profession is imperative for career advancements. Real life, real time work with a network of professionals becomes vital in the individual’s portfolio.
The BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication a 3+0 programme with University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom offered at IACT College is most ideal for students who want to find this niche within the field of media and communication. This programme equips the students with quintessential skill sets that are relevant and top notch tertiary qualification in order to get ahead.
Second year student (Media, Culture and Communication) Ker Soon King, 24, believes that the choice he has made so far, provides him with the right foundation for the career of his choice; public relations. He added, “Besides the important theories, the programme exposes me to a network of real clients with real projects. For instant, I am currently working with Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Malaysia in an attempt to work on their PR with all their major stakeholders”.
“For me this Degree in Media, Culture and Communication teaches beyond the classroom.” says Mohammad Nasrun Abu Sufian, 21, currently in his second year of the programme.  “Each class is filled with detailed content and examples with regards to our weekly topics. The presentation feels natural and complete.” For Mohammad Nasrun, the opportunity to “speak our minds is the most crucial criterion he seeks, and being in Malaysia, we are able to get the industry exposure from top industry experts while being groomed via that of a foreign channel.”
Tee Wee Lee, 23, who is also a second year of the Media, Culture and Communication degree programme, says “the fundamental advantage is being able to interact with the lecturers personally because the classes are arranged in classroom size.”
Khao Yen Ling, Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication also added on other advantages of degree students at IACT College would be experiencing. “With the 3+0 programme, students here can get similar overseas studying experience across borders. They get international experience via visitations from University of Sunderland at least twice a year alongside comprehensive university materials and assessments.
Also, according to Khao, “By staying true to IACT College pedagogy, we also provide the exposure and industry connection in bringing in industry experts within the industry for students to understand of the current trend of the field”.
Whilst there are other similarly titled degree programmes available in Malaysia, IACT College’s BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication 3+0 programme is internationally recognised, and fully assessed by University of Sunderland to ensure a standardised quality in results. Each module is delivered by lecturers with relevant industry and academic experience, approved by University of Sunderland and Malaysia Qualification Accreditation (MQA).
The degree programme is not only providing talented individuals to the workforce, but grooming future creative leaders. Both University of Sunderland and IACT College believe in nurturing Malaysia’s aspiring creative talents by inspiring them to fulfill their dreams.