Unbound Camp

I had the honor of organizing a camp, called Unbound, for high school students that took place in September. My role was a part of the publicity and design department. I thought it would be a good idea to share some designs and illustrations I came up with as well as a little bit of the process behind it.
The camp was superhero-themed and had a storyline of two planets being destroyed, resulting in a battle between the heroes of each planet, casting blame on each other.

These were some illustrations I came up with for use in print and social media publicity and other visuals. The deadline was short and I completed the illustrations within a night.

After sketching the idea and digitally illustrating it on Photoshop, I still felt the illustration was incomplete. I took a spontaneous step of adding a photo filter, which I usually just use for photograph and found just what I wanted.

The result was a grainy and high-contrast illustration.
Another notable activity, we decorated and designed the main hall in which most of the events took place. That was something I’ve never done before.

What was challenging was to come up with props that could be set up fast and taken down easily within three days. After days of brainstorming, “the less is more concept” came into play and I decided to use cloth banners to represent the two planets. It was simple but it looked good. The hall would later be filled with 300 youths from various high schools.
I think what was unique about my role was designing and illustrating to the camp’s target which were high school students, rather than simply designing what I would like to design. All the time spent reading comic books paid off.
More information about the camp, go to http://ymfgakl.com/unbound
Photos from the camp HERE