What it takes to be a Good Mass Communication Student

Mass Communication is a multidisciplinary subject. You can get into different professions like ranging from various media platforms (electronic, print, digital and social) to Public Relations, Event Management and Marketing communications. To flourish in the fields stated, these are some important qualities that you can develop as you study Mass Communication.
Adapt fast – Work as hard you can to keep up with the fast-changing nature in the media industry. Know the latest trends in market and try to see how it can help you in your project/learning. You may also consider subscribing to websites or FB Pages that feed you the latest information from the industry.
Be a sponge! – Never stop learning! Keep on reading up what is new and out there in the industry! Talk to people around you and learn from them. The more you reach out and learn, the more diverse and innovative ideas you will get.
Be original and unique – The only mantra to be successful in mass communication field is to surprise others with original and unique ideas. Take feedback on your idea, be open to criticism and then reiterate it the best. Like a work of art, give yourself time to perfect the idea one step at a time. Keep in mind that the ideas should be attainable and can be executed.
Be creative – We believe creativity springs even when resources are limited! Look around you and start with whatever you have. Think outside of the box and take multiple approaches and variations to the same resources. You’d be surprised how much idea you can come out with when you try!
Communication is key –Your capabilities are judged upon how you write and talk in order to put things across. Always work on how you can communicate in a simpler and straight forward manner. Good communication skills help you win projects and to build rapport with your clients and colleagues.
Jack of all trades; Master of One – While doing mass communication, a student gets exposed to a number of expertise. Choose one that interests you the most and is suitable to your talent and then expand your skills and develop your passion for it.
Don’t be clichéd – Always try thinking out of the box! A true mass communication student will never satisfied with old and overused ideas. Instead, they will push their idea further and happy with
The easiest recipe to have a successful and bright future in mass communication is to keep working hard by means of your creativity and talent. In all that you do, strive to make it the best possible and be an inspiration to others as your work carries strong influence to shape cultures and change lives!
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