Why UK Creative Degree?

University of Sunderland IACT College
If you are considering to pursue a UK Creative Degree, you’ve found the right place! Universities in UK have always been known for their world-leading reputation for teaching & research in communications. Graduates with a UK Creative Degree are highly sought after by companies!
Here are the 4 reasons why:

  1. Project-based learning – Instead of memorizing notes and boring lectures, UK Creative Degrees in Mass Communication and Advertising Design provide students with real-life projects as it is a must for them to gain real-world experience. This prepares the students for the industry, and increase their competency for better career opportunities out there!
    IACT Film Festival 2018Project-Based Learning: 3+0 UK Degree students from IACT College organizes a film festival of their own in 2018
  2. Academic Benefits – UK degrees are widely recognized and qualified by many industries worldwide. This is due to the higher education standard that produces top students when it comes to employment.
    Victoriya Titova won Kancil 2019 iact collegeAcademic Benefits: Victoriya Titova, a student from IACT 3+0 UK Degree won a Kancil Award (Gold) with her excellent work produced for her degree assignment.
  3. Highly Employable – At the end of their studies, graduates with UK Degree would have been fully equipped with skills & experiences that many industries are hungry for. Not only would it make them highly employable, a UK Degree will also help them secure a higher starting salary.
    Fun facts: Graduates from IACT College get 25% higher starting salary than their peers (As compared to JobStreet.com Salary Report 2017)
  4. Study locally for a UK Degree –  Yes, prestigious UK universities now offers 3+0 Degrees through local institutions like IACT College. You will get a UK Creative Degree without needing to leave the country: the courses are fully taught here at local institutions by qualified experienced lecturers, yet assignments are assessed and marked by the lecturers from the UK, making you a creative graduate with a global perspective! Paying local fee for a UK Creative Degree? What a deal!university of sunderland iact college
    Get a UK Degree locally: Program Director of University of Sunderland, Prof. Andrew Glover at a meet and greet session with our 3+0 UK Degree students from IACT College

Our 3+0 degrees here at IACT College are in partnership with University of Sunderland, the Top 15th Media Degree in UK. Why settle for something lesser when you can get the best! Sign up for our 3+0 Creative Degree with University of Sunderland UK today, drop us a message and find out more!