Thirty one “creative protégés” participated in Workshop IMPossible on the 7th March 2015 at IACT College. The second instalment of the workshop was all about EXPLORING CREATIVITY for participants to unleash individual creativity and explore how far they can push themselves. The workshop was conducted by IACT College industry professional lecturers, and endorsed by the College’s celebrity lecturer, Reuben Kang: Celebrity Host of Astro Football Overload, Film Producer and pint sized half of JinnyBoyTV and Restaurateur.
Ms Penny Low kick-started the event with an opening presentation entitled ‘Exploring Creativity’ where she introduced participants on how creativity is shaping our society today. She then stimulated their interests by sharing the business context of “creativity” through the ‘Creativity Makes Great Business $ense’ talk. Participants were enlightened with the “why, what, where and how” creativity can profitably enhance a business and provide lucrative professions in the current working world. Giggles and excitement filled the room when Reuben Kang pave entrance and shared his inspirational and success story. The opportunity to mingle with the celebrity and sharing his knowledge was continued throughout the whole event. Due to Reuben’s friendly and humble personality, participants were able to approach and communicate with him freely. This was apparent during the “Let’s Play with Reuben Kang” workshop session when he was the subject for participants to create work base projects in the field of broadcasting, mass communication, design, advertising and marketing. It was evident that the Workshop IMPossible was a true success when the finale of the group presentation was filled with tear jerking laughter and inspiring learnings from both the creative protégés and industry professional lecturers.
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