Write, Paint, Journal

This is an item that’s part of my daily life which I carry with me everywhere.
It’s PVC, not leather, it’s not Japan’s premier stationery designer Midori, it’s inexpensive but to me it’s priceless.
It’s where my memories are meticulously jotted, painted and written.
In it are little joys, excitements, sadness, experiences, thoughts that remain embellished and transcribed into drawings, paintings, doodles, writings and washi tapes!

Have a peek* 😉
My journal’s very “grand opening” a.k.a. the first page, which I seemed to have screwed up the most. Haha!

I have so much to say!
What’s the best thing about journaling? Well, I can paste, tear, tape, doodle, write and paint anything on it. It’s made especially for me.
By having a journal you will be able to experience indescribable nostalgic feelings when you’re flipping through its pages. They will refresh your memories which you thought you had long forgotten.
Moreover, journaling encourages me to brush up on my painting and drawing skills. When I flipped through the earlier pages, the content made me giggle. I used to draw with a pen which I filled with water colour. But for now I mostly sketch, paint and then add a few lines with the pen. This is a great process to go through in order to learn.
After completing Miss Terry’s Principles of Drawing classes in semester one, I’ve become more aware of factors such as detailing & looking at the depth of an object.
Thank you for coming into this little world of mine! In the coming post, I’ll talk about the ‘tools’ I use.
Enjoy your day! 🙂