Zero to Hero in Fashion

New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week , I’m pretty sure all of you have heard of all this Fashion Week, but Malaysia Fashion Week, now that’s something new. Given the chance to be part of the team was amazing, it was indeed an eye opener for me and yes, even though I’ve always kept myself updated with the latest trends but this was definitely more than that. Malaysia Fashion Week known as the Nation Largest Lifestyle and Trade event in Malaysia has brought brands from 15 countries and it ranges from ready to wear items to Muslimah Wears and street wears.
Malaysia Fashion Week 2016 was held in Martrade Centre from 4th– 7th of November, and it was a whole day event. We were very happy as a number of us representing IACT COLLEGE was chosen to be part of the MFW2016 social media team and the most exciting part – THE RUNWAY!!! We were selected to keep MFW2016 social pages updated every minute after one walk show is done and making sure it runs smoothly. We were also separated to front and backstage crew, from photography to handling social media postings and press conference, it was no easy job at all.
The urgency was real and the rush was no joke, experiencing such pressure was definitely something worth picking up from MFW2016. I believe we are all truly amazed at how the media team manage to pull it off. Nevertheless we did enjoy ourselves very much working with the team and experiencing the taste of how a fashion week runs. From the Runway to the backstage, to display booths and sponsors, you name it we covered everything. Along the way, we also got to discover some local designers which work left us in awe and I am very proud to be able to witness such talents.
The great experience was indeed tiring but the 4 day event ended with a spectacular after party in Zouk KL with amazing drinks and dance floor that left a night to remember for all of us. Thank you MFW2016 for giving us this unforgettable experience and we’re looking forward to more!

About Ai Lynn
“I always believe that you do not need to dress to impress with your fashion as long as you have the passion. I find myself the dress to go girl with leggings and t-shirts but when it comes to a conversation of the fashion, there’s a whole new dimension.” Ai Lynn is a Diploma in Mass Communication as a 2nd year student.