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My IACT Experience

There’s no better place to learn the art of creative communication than being trained by IACT College, the Creative Communication Specialist since 1970.

Find out for yourself through the mouth of our outstanding alumni, graduates and current students.

What Our Alumni Say

Copywriter at Leo Burnett

Wong Jia Li, Graduate of BA (Hons) Advertising & Design“I learned to structure my thinking better when it comes to ideation and being involved in the creative process. I liked how IACT College gave me ample room to explore different creative techniques, and nurtured the me today”

Wong Jia Li

Graduate of BA (HONS) Advertising & Design (Year 2014)

Performer, Former Radio Announcer and Producer at Capital FM

“IACT College is an experience like no other. It has groomed me and opened doors to kick start my career in the creative communication industry. I had, by far, the best experience studying here”

Ashley Chan

Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication (Year 2016)

Founder and Director of The Roof, Life Juice and The New Camp

Roen Cian, Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication“What I loved about my time studying in IACT College was that it’s a close-knit community. The college provided an environment for my friends and I to be rebellious in a creative way! I also had very passionate lecturers who were not there for the money but for the passion and interest of the industry and that makes the training here very professional!”

Roen Cian

Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication

Illustrator & Designer

Beatrice Eugenie Ho, Graduate of Diploma in Graphic Design“What I love about IACT is that its big enough to house people from different industries and interests yet small enough to keep us closely bonded. I still keep in touch with people from different majors and even collaborated with some of them for work!”

Beatrice Eugenie Ho

Graduate of Diploma in Graphic Design (Year 2017)

Founder and Director at GRIM FILM, Co-Founder at Morningwood MY

Jared Lee, Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication“At IACT, even though there is a syllabus to follow, there was always the freedom to do what I wanted to do with the creativity to explore more. At the end of the day, in the real world it is up to you to explore and learn along the way”

Jared Lee

Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication (Year 2012)

Founder and Illustrator at, Art Director at Publicis Digital

Chee Ching, Graduate of Diploma in Graphic Design“My best memories in IACT are that we were really close with our lecturers that made it a very holistic study environment. We were also given real client projects that made me more creative and confident in presenting our ideas”

Chee Ching

Graduate of Diploma in Graphic Design (Year 2013)

Filmmaker and storyteller, Winner of Kancil Award 2012, Berjaya Youth Shortfilm Competition 2015

Kyle Soong, Graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting“IACT is like a training ground before entering the real battlefield! My lecturers were mostly industry professionals and they imparted me with a lot of practical insights. They also encouraged me to always stay passionate. Their patience and efforts in guiding me made me capable of handling all kinds of situations in my career today”

Kyle Soong

Graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting (Year 2012)

Artiste, Theatre Actress, PR Specialist

Melissa Ong, Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication“IACT practices project-based learning and I got to know a lot of big bosses and clients every time we have an assignment. Studying here boosted up my confidence level whenever I have to meet real clients. I’m so proud to be a part of IACT. I can make use of everything I learnt in college and apply them fully to my career now”

Melissa Ong

Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication (Year 2014)

Producer at JinnyBoyTV

Irwin Onn, Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication“I like that IACT College always includes practical projects because it helps me prepare for the real world better. Lecturer from the industry provides me a lot of opportunities to work with the professionals and helped me get to where I am today!”

Irwin Onn

Graduate of Diploma in Mass Communication (Year 2012)

Writer, President of Malaysian Writer's Society

Gina Yap, Graduate of Diploma in Advertising“IACT College is a college like no other! I remember having to perform in front of Tun Mahathir on the 3rd week of my first semester for my Presentation Class! The lecturer involved us in a Public Forum during an International Women’s Day celebration.  And that is normally what lecturers here do – real projects with the industry from video shooting, meeting real clients, street interviews, public presentations and etc. All of which I absolutely hated because it forced me out of my hermit shell. However, I wouldn’t be who I am today without those “out-of-the-comfort-zone” experiences!”

Gina Yap

Graduate of Diploma in Advertising (Year 2004)

Singer-Songwriter based in UK

Ariff AB, Graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting“IACT College is special as it gives you that positive vibe and enables you to achieve whatever you want in life. I had the opportunity to meet many people with different ideas. The lecturers are really cool and you get to know and be assured of what you’re in for”

Ariff AB

Graduate of Diploma in Broadcasting