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Project ImPOSSIBLE features exciting insiders’ stories mainly from the lecturers and students of IACT College, the creative communication specialist. This platform offers you a window to get a virtual education experience at IACT College. Journey through these writers’ exploration and witness their growth to prove I’M Possible!

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My Love Affair with Cakes

To be honest, I felt worried and afraid at first because I am a person who finds it hard to adapt to a new environment. College life is very different from the school life I was used to. It will…

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My inspiration to creativity

What is Creativity? We have often heard about it, but do we really understand the meaning behind it? Creativity is an act of unleashing the potential of the mind to receive new ideas. It is also an act of transforming…

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Where I Found the Outside

“What inspires you?” I was asked this question about a week ago, and while I had an answer, I didn’t reply, not because I didn’t want to respond, but because I was cooking up a witty quip that eventually didn’t…

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